5 safety tips to adapt this Christmas

Holidays have been the favorite time for criminals to infect a user’s system with threats and viruses. Since, at this time of the year, many people shop a lot of stuff via online platforms, send gift cards and so on. By utilizing this situation, they get the advantage to accomplish their evil goals. Christmas is one such holiday for which they wait because this festival is celebrated all over the world with full enthusiasm. Hence, it becomes even more important to give heed to what is going on around you and provide extra security to yourself and your devices. Visit mcafee.com/activate to fight against all of these.

5 safety tips to adapt this Christmas

Familiarize yourself with these family safety tips

Here are some safety tips for you if you do not want your smart devices to ruin your Christmas:

  1. Engage in a healthy discussion- discussing the cyber-security tips with your friends and family can help change the scenario. Talk with them about online scams and threats.  this will allow them to prepare themselves well in advance and avoid such mistakes. Make your children engage in other activities as well.
  2. Listen to what others have to say- people are getting addicted to using devices because there are a lot of things that they can engage in. But sticking to your phones at all times is harmful in many ways. To tackle this situation, you can turn off your phone for a while.  After this, start engaging in a conversation with the people present around you. There are several things that you can learn from them.
  3. Think before posting anything online- if you are the elder one in your house and you want to post a picture with somebody who is in his teens, then you must think twice before doing so. As teenagers nowadays are so choosy about their stuff especially pictures, they won’t like this action of yours. It may also impact their identity in front of others. Hence, provide extra care while sharing pictures online.
  4. Do not give heat to tech shaming- during Christmas when everybody gathers, people with different views about technology are present at the same place. In this scenario, we must try to analyze the situation and understand their point of view also. Ensure that nobody is feeling shameful because of your words.
  5. Give heed to emotions- if your child is not given the proper attention that he requires, then it may turn to the worst situation. Instead of spending time with you, he may start engaging in different tech gadgets more than before.


At mcafee.com/activate you get many cyber-security instructions so that you do not fall prey to online scams etc. But, we often forget to apply these guidelines in our daily lives. As we have already discussed, we should apply the safety practices specifically at the time of festivities and holidays. So you should apply these tips if you want to enjoy your holiday peacefully.

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